Review of Empower Network, IPAS & the Prosperity Team

Welcome to my review of the Empower Network, IPAS & the Prosperity Team.

I’ve put together this blog to share the absolute truth regarding this business based on my experience of being a member.

What is IPAS?

IPAS stands for Internet Prosperity Acceleration System and it’s the name that Chris Jones & Chris Campbell have given to their marketing system that promotes the Empower Network.

IPAS is exclusive to the Prosperity Team which means we are the only team that can use this marketing system. You get access to it for free when you join the Empower Network through a member of the Prosperity Team (such as myself).

IPAS is a collection of marketing tools and systems which are bar non the best I have ever seen and used. We are talking about professional sales funnels that sell the Empower Network on your behalf, and automation systems that even include agents who call leads and upsell them on your behalf (We call them PBA’s).

Literally with IPAS you get the best marketing system in the world for promoting the Empower Network.

What is the Prosperity Team?

The easiest way to explain this is to explain IPAS, Empower Network and Prosperity Team all together. Okay so firstly the Empower Network is the product line we promote. IPAS is the marketing system we use to promote the Empower Network, and the Prosperity Team is the community of people our IPAS system is available to / the place where we come together to provide training!

The only way to become part of the Prosperity Team is to join the Empower Network through a current Prosperity Team member such as myself. You are then automatically a member of the Prosperity Team!

What is the Empower Network?

The Empower Network is a company created by Dave Wood & Dave Sharpe that pays 100% commissions to it’s affiliates on the products it sells. The products are digital products that teach all aspects of online business and personal development.

What are the Empower Network products?

The Empower Network has 5 core products:

  1. Viral Blogging System ($25 per month)
  2. Inner Circle ($100 per month)
  3. Costa Rica intensive ($500 one time payment)
  4. 15k Formula ($1000 one time payment)
  5. Masters program ($3500 one time payment)

You earn 100% commissions reselling the products that you own. Therefore if you own just the Viral Blogging System and the Inner Circle the maximum you can earn per customer is $25 and $100. If you make a sale of the 3 remaining products that you don’t own the commissions for those products would be passed up to your sponsor.

If you own all the products you are what we call ALL IN – This is the best position to be in because it allows you to earn up to $4625 per customer with a monthly residual income of $125 per customer.

The Empower Network also has 2 other products:

  • Viral Blogging Academy
  • Media Hosting

Do you have to be ALL IN to make money?

Often the question I get asked is whether you have to be ALL IN to make money and the honest answer is no! – However if you want to make the most money possible then YES you should be all in.

You might be scared of investing $5125 into the Empower Network however it’s important to remember that if you do become ALL IN you gain the ability to earn a huge $4625 per customer!

Just think, if you get 2-3 customers per month you’re making $10,000+ a month and a 6-figure annual income from potentially just 2 customers!

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Empower Network Scam?

Wondering whether the Empower Network is a scam?

If you make a search in Google for “Empower Network Scam” you’ll be hit by a bunch of mixed opinions on the Empower Network.

50% of the people are highly recommending it, and the other 50% are telling you it’s a scam and that you should avoid it, so how do you know who to trust?

You might think you should trust the people telling you it’s a scam, because why would they lie? But what you might not realise is that 99% of the people writing reviews telling you it’s a scam are doing it purely because they are promoting their own product on the back-end. So they are telling you it’s a scam and then recommending their own system.

What’s the truth?

Here is something I know for a fact. 99% of the negative reviews on the internet about the Empower Network are written by people who have never been members themselves! How can you trust somebody giving a review when they haven’t even tested the product!

I have been a member and I am also known as an “ALL IN” member which means I have bought all of the core Empower Network products. I can speak from experience and tell you that Empower Network is not a scam. It’s actually a great company / business and movement. We have 1000′s of people who go to events throughout the year and many people are making 1000′s.

The Empower Network has actually created 7 millionaires so far and many 6-figure earners!

So… I’m making $1000′s a month from the business, and it’s also created millionaires and 6 figure earners and 1000′s of other people who simply LOVE the business and the people. Empower Network is NOT a scam.

I guess you can either listen to people who have ZERO experience with Empower Network, or you can listen to people like myself who have first hand experience and have purchased all of the products.


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Who are Dave & Dave?

Dave & Dave are the co-founders of the Empower Network!

There full names are David Wood and Dave Sharpe.

Learn more about them on their Facebooks:

They are both known for being very inspirational hands on leaders of the Empower Network. They created the business for the people and that’s why they pay 100% commissions!

Unlike pretty much all companies where the owners are the ones who make the most money by default, the 2 Daves created the Empower Network so that anyone with the right ambition and skillset could make more money than they do as owners!


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Who is Chris Campbell?

Chris Campbell is co-founder of iPas and one of the team leaders at the Prosperity Team with his business partner Chris Jones.

I’ve personally been following Chris for some years now. He was one of the first people I came across when I looked for information to help me start making money online back in 2007!

I never joined any of the opportunities Chris was involved with until Empower Network. At the time I joined Chris was the top earner in the company (with his partner Chris Jones) and I knew he would have excellent marketing systems to bring to the table.

Chris Campbell scam?

Chris Campbell is definitely not a scammer. I joined him in the Empower Network approximately a year ago and I can tell you that he’s a great guy who has brought a lot to our team.

I use the marketing systems he has made available to the Prosperity Team and they are extremely good!

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Who is Chris Jones?

Chris Jones is co-founder of iPas and one of the leaders at the Prosperity Team. He is the business partner to Chris Campbell and is an expert internet marketer.

You should feel very confident and excited working with Chris in this business. Chris is a great asset to our Prosperity Team and brings a lot of experience and ideas, as well as systems such as iPas to the table!

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